Enable your business for the Digital Economy

Protect your Infrastructure

Install your infrastructure in a safe home, so you can have peace of mind.

  • Peace-of-mind: your infrastructure is safe and protected
  • Cost-effective: Outsourcing your datacentre will save you capital expenses and free up your resources to focus on your business
  • Scalable: Do you know when you will need more capacity? Add capacity when you need it
  • Reliable: Uptime SLA and guaranteed performance
  • Engineers on demand: Call us for assistance when you need experts to help you

Prepare for the Digital Future

Being cloud-ready is a key enabler for digitising your business even further. Newly formed digital value chains need integration of a wider set of partners into your enterprise IT. In our facilities you’ll find communities of interest – partners of choice you can seamlessly interconnect with to enhance the value of your digital business.
  • Fast: Convenient Cross Connect ordering with 24 hours delivery time
  • Choice: Connect with the connectivity provider of your choice

Interconnect with the Cloud

Once your own infrastructure is in a safe home, you can interconnect directly to the cloud service providers of your choice.
With direct connections to leading cloud providers, you overcome the latency, throughput and security issues of using public Internet connectivity by forming a Colocated Hybrid Cloud solution.

  • Cost-effective: Direct access to multiple clouds with no usage charges for data traffic means you cut overall networking costs, sometime by as much as 50%